Research Papers

Land Fragmentation and Land Market Frictions

SSRN Media Coverage: Heller-Hurwicz Institute

Effects of Zoning Regulations 

SSRN MAPC Parcel Level Zoning Atlas Data 

Media Coverage: The Bloomberg News 1, The Bloomberg News 2, Forbes, Brookings Institute, GWU Regulation Digest, Science Vs. 

Adoption and Effects of Racial Covenants 

SSRN Mapping Prejudice Data

Media Coverage: Wall Street Journal, PBS, Philadelphia Inquirer, InequaliTalks Podcast, Richmond Fed Economic Brief, Heller-Hurwicz Institute, University of Toronto School of Cities

Awarded Russell Sage Foundation and Gates Foundation Pipeline Grant Media Coverage: Chicago Booth Review

Teacher Labor Market and Student Outcomes

SSRN Upjohn Institute Working Paper

Policy Publications

Research Report Link         Companion Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Working Paper No. 22-10

Article Link  

Reprinted in, September 20, 2022 ( and Amar Ujala (Hindi), September 16, 2022 (Amar Ujala)